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Don’t worry if you didn’t get invited to test out Sony’s augmented reality graffiti application t@g earlier this week, as the PlayStation Vita game is set to launch later today as part of the European PlayStation Store refresh.

The title – which has been in development since before the handheld was actually announced – takes advantage of the 3G system’s GPS in order to let you stamp virtual tags into the real world. Once you’ve placed an icon, you will dominate that area, and will earn points until someone places an image on top of yours.

Chatting about the game's early production on the PlayStation Blog, digital director Richard Carter revealed: "It’s been a while since we started developing t@g. So much so that our initial devices didn’t even resemble the final product – no touch screens, battery, 3G or GPS. As you can imagine for such an application that is so dependent on all these features it did cause us a few difficulties on the way.

“One of the most memorable moments was field testing on the local cricket pitch with two 100 meter extension cables leading back to the office. The developer was stood in the middle of the field with a Vita in one hand and a laptop perched on his knee testing the latest build for GPS and network connectivity handling and caching.”

The application’s free, but you’ll obviously need the 3G model of the Vita in order to try it out. We’ve embedded a trailer in the space below.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]