Music is a pivotal part of all games – but it’s especially important in emotional tour-de-forces such as The Unfinished Swan. As such, developer Giant Sparrow invested an enormous amount of time into getting the audio right for its upcoming PSN exclusive.

“We wanted the music to serve as a companion for [protagonist] Monroe and the player as they explored the world of the game,” composer Joel Corelitz explained. “To achieve this, I chose to highlight certain instruments and sounds that were inspired by the characters themselves."

He continued: “Monroe’s signature sound is played by plucked and mallet instruments like marimba and harp – youthful, resonant sounds that highlight his innocence as well as the storybook-quality of the game. The bizarre, pompous King is heralded by gritty, electronic harpsichord tones.”

You can learn a little more about the production of the soundtrack in the trailer embedded below. For more on the game, don’t forget to check out our The Unfinished Swan preview. The title’s due out next week for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and later in the month for everyone else.