Running away with the lead

If the popularity of the beautiful game was ever in doubt, then the success of FIFA 13 should put any concerns to bed. Publisher EA Games has revealed that its premium soccer simulation has already sprinted into 7.4 million homes. That’s an outstanding achievement for a game that’s only been available for roughly four weeks.

Madden NFL 13 was the company’s second best selling game in the West throughout September, though the publisher failed to provide any figures. We know that the title sold about 2 million copies in North America during its launch month, so you can bet that that number is also pretty high.

Speaking at its most recent financial report, EA also took a moment to reveal that Battlefield 3’s Premium subscription service has surpassed 2 million subscribers. It was at the 1.3 million mark back in July.

However, it wasn’t all good news for the publisher. EA president Frank Gibeau revealed that Medal of Honor: Warfighter had underperformed at launch, despite topping the UK sales charts this week. The executive failed to share any figures, but hypothesised that the title would "find an audience over time", and noted that mock reviews were far more positive than the critical drubbing that the game received at release.

The publisher also cited the lack of an NBA game – which was cancelled earlier this year – as a disappointment. It was candid enough to note, however, that the project was scrapped because it simply didn’t live up to the quality of FIFA and Madden.

Looking to the future, the company seemed optimistic about its upcoming docket of PS3 titles including Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3. Despite the fan backlash to the former, the publisher revealed that it has already garnered 28 per cent more pre-orders than Dead Space 2. Is there no justice in the world?

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