Fashionably late

That ear shattering roar you just heard was editor Damien McFerran celebrating the long overdue release date announcement for “groundbreaking multiplayer brawler” Anarchy Reigns. SEGA's just sent us word that the title will launch on 8th January in North America and 11th January in Europe.

The Platinum Games developed fighter sparked controversy earlier this year when it was delayed overseas, despite development being fully completed. The game eventually released to a muted reception in Japan, but has taken an eternity to arrive on Western shores. When it finally does hit next year, it will cost just £19.99/$29.99.

“SEGA are hugely proud of the work Platinum Games has put in to creating a video game with such a unique and engaging vision” said SEGA's Jurgen Post. “Gamers will soon be able to experience the full adrenaline rush that comes from competing in the explosive multiplayer matches of Anarchy Reigns.”

Are you still interested in playing Anarchy Reigns, or has the delay put you off? Let us know in the comments section below.