This dude's not happy

Platinum Games’ arena brawler Anarchy Reigns was originally scheduled to release any time now. But while the game will still arrive in Japan early next month, those of you in North America and Europe will have to wait until Q1 2013.

SEGA announced the news on Twitter, informing an eager fan that the game’s release had been “re-evaluated”. While it’s far from brilliant news, at least the title hasn’t been cancelled like many suspected when it was removed from the publisher’s schedule.

Responding to the announcement, Platinum Games gaffer Atsushi Inaba shed some more light on the situation. Once again writing on Twitter, he insinuated that the developer had not been told about Anarchy Reigns’ new western release date, and that the international versions of the title were complete.

He continued that the Japanese and Western editions of the high-octane fighter will be exactly the same, making it worth remembering that the PS3 is region-free. Platinum Games hasn't seemed happy with SEGA's treatment of Anarchy Reigns for a while now, and we suspect that's going to lead to some heated conversations behind closed doors over the coming months.

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