Will it set the charts alight?

Sony are hoping that its exclusive Harry Potter spin-off Wonderbook: Book of Spells will cast some serious magic over the holiday season — so much so that it's been pegged internally as PlayStation 3's big Christmas seller.

In an interview with MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara held Wonderbook up as one of the most important titles for the company in the coming months. The interactive augmented reality book will use PlayStation Move in an attempt to deliver a reading experience like no other, and Gara believes that this puts it in prime position for Yuletide.

Gara says that Wonderbook is "top of the pile" when it comes to Sony's festive focus, though admits that, despite "great early feedback" there is still work to be done putting out word about the title.

MCV: How much focus are you placing on Wonderbook this Q4?

Fergal Gara: Wonderbook is top of the pile and certainly the biggest number we’ll be going after and it’s tremendous that we have such great early feedback. I still think there’s a job to do. There’s still a lot of communicating to do and we’re not going to get them all in here. There’s a big practical side of how do you communicate it, how do you work with retail to demo it where appropriate etc., etc. That planning is going to start right now and we have retail in and so we can start really taking E3 down another level and getting the requirements that apply to them in the UK.

Gara also suggested that there'll be several bundles for Wonderbook to accommodate those who already have a Move controller, those who don't have one and people who don't own a PlayStation 3 at all. He's confident that it's going to prove a huge boon for Move.

MCV: How will Wonderbook get bundled?

FG: On day one when Book of Spell lands, you need the book, you need the software, a PS3 and a Move controller. Some will have the PS3 and just need the controller and software. Others will have a Move and just need the book. But Wonderbook should bring new people into the PlayStation 3 universe, and they need the lot, so we need to think about their needs and how to put the product together with that in mind.

MCV: Is this the product that the Move has been calling out for?

FG: This, for me, is certainly the most inspirational product we’ve seen for the Move in the two years since it’s been out. Though I would highlight Sports Champion 2 is a really solid successor to the most successful title we’ve had so far so that’s great and there’s further innovation there. But if you asked me what’s the stand out title, it’s indisputably Book of Spells.

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