Theatre of dreams

If you’re attending PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, you’re almost certainly going to want to spend several hours queuing to see The Last of Us. As opposed to ushering you into a bland theatre, Naughty Dog will instead guide you into a gloomy bathroom modelled after the one in the title’s debut trailer. Pretty neat, huh?

Those that watch the gameplay demo will be rewarded with an exclusive t-shirt sporting either Joel or Ellie. In addition, the developer will be giving away posters penned by artist Alexander Iaccarino from That Kid Who Draws.

Assuming you’d like to get your swag signed, game director Bruce Straley will be at the PlayStation booth (#222) on Saturday, 1st September, from 17:00PM to 18:00PM and Sunday, 2nd September, from 11:00AM to 12:00PM. Are any of you heading to the show?