Dressed to kill

We already know that Resident Evil 6 is going include a mammoth amount of content, but rumours emerging on the Internet this afternoon suggest it might feature a fourth campaign starring the lady in red herself, Ada Wong.

Hackers managed to tear apart the recently released Xbox 360 exclusive demo to reveal gameplay references to the scarlet woman. Apparently she’ll be aided by her grappling hook, just like in the extended version of Resident Evil 4 for PS2.

Responding to the rumours, Capcom told Eurogamer.net: “While it is correct that at E3 we confirmed that Ada Wong would feature in Resident Evil 6, we have no comment on the reports that are currently circulating.”

Adding fuel to the fire, a recently revealed Resident Evil 6 boxart included a blank spot for a fourth protagonist likely to be Ada Wong.

That’s Capcom’s marketing plan foiled, then.

[source eurogamer.net]