On PS3? We'll see...

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was probably the most exciting announcement of E3. The open-world action title looked like the company’s first next-generation hit for sure, but the publisher has since elaborated that the title is actually coming to PlayStation 3.

Chatting with Joystiq, producer Dominic Guay admitted that the E3 demo was running on a high-end PC, but that the company is committed to bringing the title to as many platforms as possible. Obviously that means PS3.

But, in reality, we think Ubisoft’s being a teensy bit sneaky here. Even if the publisher is aiming to squeeze the game onto Sony’s current system, it probably won't be finished until late 2013 or later. By then, there’s every chance we’ll be waiting in line for the PlayStation 4. And y’know what – we bet Watch Dogs will be one of the games we pick up alongside the new hardware.