Now that the rush of E3 is over, we finally have the time to acknowledge just how crazy some of Sony’s PlayStation Plus related announcements were. Depending on your region, subscribers now have access to more than ten full games to download. It’s extraordinary when you take a step back and think about the value on offer.

Speaking with Joystiq, Sony’s ever-passionate Jack Buser has explained that the changes are all about amplifying the service, and not taking away from the features subscribers currently enjoy.

He said:

Everything that you’ve enjoyed from PlayStation Plus remains very much the same. It’s still the same PlayStation Plus.

So if you love the huge discounts, if you love the exclusive access to betas, if you love the other things that are also delivered by the service, you’re going to see that those other things are still a part of PlayStation Plus – the cloud saves, the automatic updates, all that other stuff.

The only change, according to Buser, is the number of free games on offer at any time. We’re sure no one’s complaining about that.

He continued:

What we’ve announced is that we’re amplifying the free games aspect of PlayStation Plus. We are really ratcheting that up, because that’s what the community told us they wanted to see.

Our only concern is our ISP – we currently have around 30GB of free content queued up in our PS3’s download list. Have you taken the plunge on PlayStation Plus yet?