Garrus against the world

The war against the Reapers, Cerberus and Geth never ends. Shortly after the completion of Operation Exorcist, developer BioWare has announced the next Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend. Taking place as we type, Operation Silencer sees the community tasked with the challenge of taking down a cumulative total of three million Banshees.

Those that manage a successful Gold-level extraction during the event will be rewarded with a special commendation pack, while successful completion of the Bounty Weekend’s overall goals will result in Victory Packs for all.

Furthermore, BioWare has announced that it is distributing special commendation packs to all PlayStation 3 players. You’ll need to check the in-game store to grab your Goliath and Raptor packs, free of charge.

Are you still playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, or have you moved onto a different game?

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