We are Legion

“It’s no secret that the Reaper War has had its fair share of logistical SNAFUs,” said Admiral Hackett in a post published on the BioWare Blog this evening. The ordinarily stern military commander was taking time out from the Reaper invasion to make a joke about the PlayStation 3’s lack of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer events. Thankfully, all will be rectified come 2AM BST tomorrow morning, when Operation Exorcist goes live on PlayStation 3.

Hackett continued:

Unfortunately, the diversity of equipment sources meant our allies ran into hardware and software incompatibilities.

These brave men and women have been fighting beside you and, in doing so, have gone above and beyond normal duty. Because their units were not properly tracked, they fought without pay and sometimes without proper training, equipment, even rations.

It is time to honor their service. A volunteer task force has fabricated the necessary hardware and is rolling out compatibility software. When these installations are complete, these soldiers will benefit from being properly equipped and combat-ineffective troops will get off the bench. We'll all have more comrades watching our backs, and we're now watching theirs.

You should probably read this quote in the voice of Lance Henriksen for maximum effect.

[source blog.bioware.com]