Fight to the beat

While martial arts and music don’t appear to have much in common, Zen Studios has found a way to connect the two disparate activities. Inspired by the heavily rhythmic choreography of old-school kung-fu movies, the developer has concocted KickBeat, a brand new music title developed exclusively for Vita.

The game introduces familiar beat-matching gameplay, but with a twist. Instead of relying on tried-and-tested note highways and metronomes, KickBeat opts for an ever approaching crowd of foes. The enemies move in time to the music, meaning you need to stop them by pressing the corresponding buttons (or touching the screen) at just the right time. In doing so you’ll trigger your own fight sequences which occur on screen. Pretty neat, huh?

KickBeat features a heavy-hitting soundtrack that’s been picked to match the aggressive tone of the gameplay. Artists include Pendulum, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. You’ll also be able to import your own music and participate in custom stages built specifically for the unique sounds.

You can get a quick look at the game in action courtesy of the trailer below. It's set to be playable at next month’s E3, with a full release scheduled for later in the year.

Are you looking forward to flailing your fists in time to the music?