The highway to hell... or something?

Now you know about Rock Band Blitz, we bet you’re biting your nails in anticipation for some footage of the game in action aren’t you? Well, stop. Look, like we told you – the PSN download’s a lot like Frequency and Amplitude.

This trailer pretty much proves it, with plenty of note highways and instrument blocks on display. For those still unclear about the concept, you use button presses to fill out the music and switch between lanes to make different sounds (and maximise your score).

Following on from this afternoon’s announcement, Harmonix has confirmed that all 25 songs included with Rock Band Blitz will be playable in Rock Band 3. Unfortunately, the same won’t be true in reverse, with the tunes restricted by their storage format (i.e. Blu-ray). The developer told Joystiq that it has no plans to allow players to export Rock Band 3's setlist to the PS3’s hard-drive.

Alas you’re not really missing much – Rock Band 3’s tracklist was woeful in our opinion. Well apart from the tunes donated by The Cure, The Smiths and At the Drive In – they were alright.