In tune

Before there was Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there was a brilliant PS2 title named Frequency. The rhythm game served as a precursor for the plastic peripheral revolution that dominated the early days of PS3, challenging you to beat match using the DualShock controller.

Frequency made a return on PSP in 2009, under the guise Rock Band Unplugged. While it shed the name of its predecessor, it ultimately played identically to its PS2 inspiration.

With the plastic instrument scene now done and dusted, Harmonix is eyeing a return to its heritage. The studio has announced Rock Band Blitz for PlayStation Network, a title which – yes, you guessed it – sounds a lot like Frequency.

The downloadable title will dispense plastic peripherals, instead challenging you to beat match using the DualShock controller.

But the best news is still to come. Indeed, while Rock Band Blitz will ship with 25 songs included, it’ll also support Harmonix’s enormous roster of Rock Band DLC, giving you the option to import over 3,500 songs into the game. Now that’s longevity.

If you hadn't already guessed, this has shot straight to the top of our most-wanted list. Let us know if you’re excited in the comments.