More games to feed your hungry PS3

T’is the season for PS3 announcements it seems. Last week Sony held a hush-hush showcase for North American press in New York, and it appears all of the talking-points from that event are gradually going to trickle online in the coming weeks.

You should already expect a God of War related announcement in just a few days, but the fun and games won’t end there, with French website JeuxVideo teasing a “major PS3 exclusive announcement” for 2nd May. Whether it’ll be related to this week’s reveal or not remains to be seen – but we’re guessing it’ll be something completely different.

What else could it be though? Well there are still lots of rumours surrounding Title Fight, or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as its most recently been tagged. There’s also some speculation regarding a LittleBigPlanet MMO, a Syphon Filter reboot and a new Killzone.

If we had to guess though, we’d go with Quantic Dream’s next project.

The most exciting thing about Sony’s line-up this year is just how mysterious it still is. In previous years the publisher’s blown the lid on its schedule years in advance – but this year it's done a much better job of keeping things under wraps.

Of course, for those of you wondering why Sony isn’t saving all of these announcements for the quickly approaching E3 – it rarely does. In recent years the company's announced most of its big titles way ahead of the show, presumably to ensure maximum coverage across the 'net. Sure, the strategy makes E3 that little bit less exciting, but purely from a promotional point of view, it makes a lot of sense.

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