The gun is called, er, Johnson

Shadows of the Damned didn’t get the respect it deserved. In what other third-person shooter do you feed crying babies strawberries in order to open locked doors? Exactly. If you haven’t played it, you’re part of the problem.

Still, despite the game tanking like a weight in water at retail, former Silent Hill composer (who worked on Shadows of the Damned's brilliant soundtrack) is eyeing a sequel.

He told at a London event yesterday:

I’m thinking of a sequel, actually. I can’t tell you here, but clearly I’d like to.

EA Partners published the previous title and, despite its poor sales performance, Yamaoka believes that the label would “probably” be up for a second.

The mere prospect is enough to get us hot under the collar. One thing though, Grasshopper: no more extended turret sections please. We had enough the first time around.