We don't really find this delay very funny

As we reported last week, Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming Twisted Metal reboot has been delayed in Europe in order to allow time for some minor localisation and content edits. Outspoken director, David Jaffe, has now confirmed that the game will speed onto European store shelves on 7th March.

While the delay’s not huge, it is indicative of SCEE’s poor handling of the franchise. Having been treated like third-rate citizens with the Twisted Metal franchise in the past, it doesn’t surprise us that SCEE’s planning to dump out the car-combat classic just days before Mass Effect 3 – and weeks after its initial Valentine’s Day US launch.

Elsewhere, in more positive news, Jaffe’s lifted the lid on Twisted Metal’s livery customisation features. While it’s not fully integrated into the game like, for example, ModNation Racers – here you’ll need to download files into your own paint program and tackle the edits from there – Jaffe promises that there’ll be plenty of custom liveries to download on the Twisted Metal website.

Check back tomorrow to read our first impressions of Twisted Metal’s PS3 debut.

[source vg247.com]