Brave the cold for cash

If you’re in the UK, we suspect the last thing you want to hear about is snow. But put those memories spent lingering on icy train stations to the back of your mind, because SSX demands your attention.

In a brand new trailer, creative director Todd Batty has introduced a couple of the title’s online modes. First up is Global Events, which represents the game’s main competitive multiplayer. This mode eschews traditional lobby and matchmaking systems for something a little more intense. At any time there will be online events popping up all over the game. To compete in these you’ll need to “buy-in” using in-game currency. Depending on where you finish in the event, you’ll win a share of the prize pot, meaning more credits to spend on other events or on in-game unlocks. Nifty.

Geo Tags, on the other hand, are collectibles which can be placed around the game world. The longer these collectibles go undiscovered by other players, the more money you’ll earn. Thus, placing Geo Tags becomes a challenge of hiding them in the most difficult to reach areas in order to maximise your income.

We have to say, we love this emphasis on SSX's currency system. As long as there’s plenty to unlock in the game, then it seems like earning (and even gambling) in-game cash is going to be a great motivation throughout the experience.