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PlayStation 3

  • 28th Feb 2012
  • 2nd Mar 2012
Snowboarding, Tricks

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  • Review SSX (PlayStation 3)

    Slip slidin' away

    During its prolonged tutorial — which sees players leaping out of a plane before plummeting towards terra firma until all of the required actions have been performed — SSX is picture perfect. A seemingly endless and expertly crafted snowy mountain expanse stretches off into the horizon, the lighting is stunning to behold and...

About The Game

A stunning reinvention of the classic action snowboarding franchise, SSX packs adrenaline into every run with compelling characters and heart-pumping adventures as riders battle the most treacherous and diverse mountain ranges on Earth.

Advanced Physics - Harnessing the power of the current generation of consoles, SSX introduces a revolutionary physics engine that will allow players to ride and trick off almost anything in the environment, unrestricted by invisible walls and barriers.

Characters Old and New - Favorite characters, as selected by the fans, make their return to SSX along with some new faces that will be joining the franchise. Characters include: Elise, Mac, Kaori, Psymon, Moby, Zoe, Griff, Ty, Tane and Alex.

Conquer the Planet's Mountains - From Antarctica to Africa and the Himalayas to the Alps, players will drop into nine of the most iconic mountains ranges and regions on planet earth. Using NASA topographical data and our proprietary Mountain Man tool, each of these iconic mountain ranges have then been exaggerated to deliver a gameplay experience that is true to SSX.

Upgradeable Gear - From boards of varying speeds to wing suits that let you glide for longer distances, upgrade your gear to ride faster, trick higher and survive longer.