No sign of Shepard

The woes for UK retailer GAME continue, with reports circulating that the publisher will not be carrying Mass Effect 3 or any EA titles beyond this week’s SSX. reports that if you have a pre-order placed for Mass Effect 3 at a GAME store, you’ll be able to claim it back as in-store credit. Apparently the store will not be offering cash refunds for placed pre-orders.

IGN has a photo of the internal communication confirming it will not stock Mass Effect 3 or any of EA's March titles.

It’s bad news for GAME, who also failed to stock Ubisoft’s PlayStation Vita titles at launch last week. The situation was rectified earlier this week.

EA’s titles are some of the biggest sellers, with Mass Effect 3 expected to fly off the shelves next month. It's a worrying time for GAME.