Teleporting through space

We wished we could teleport. Seriously, just think of the advantages: easily escaping the dull English weather for a day in the sun; never having to wait on a dingy train platform again; avoiding attacks from an intergalactic fleet of fierce foragers... Wait a minute.

While teleportation might not be a reality in real-life, it is in FuturLab’s long awaited new PlayStation Mini: Velocity. Like the studio’s previous project – the brilliantly addictive Coconut Dodge – Velocity takes established genre staples and turns them on their head. The game might have the appearance of a traditional arcade shoot ‘em-up, but Velocity is so much more.

Managing director James Marsden explained:

With Velocity, we’ve achieved some notable innovations within the shoot ‘em-up genre, to the point where Velocity can not only live up to fond memories of shoot ‘em-up classics, but go several steps further by introducing completely new ways to play. It also features a phenomenal soundtrack from Joris de Man, winner of an Ivor Novello award for his work on the Killzone series for PS3.

FuturLab’s promising over 50 levels of “action-puzzle mayhem” in addition to a host of bonus features, mini-games and “our own trophy system that will keep players entertained not just for a few hours like most Minis, but for days and weeks”. Just like Coconut Dodge, then.

We sat down with FuturLab earlier in the week to get the full lowdown on its latest project. Check back at 19:00PM GMT for all the gossip. We’ve also teamed up with FuturLab to produce a batch of stylish Velocity wallpaper skins to decorate your desktop with. Drop back at 17:00PM GMT to grab yours.