Give this man a gold-star.

No, it's not announced the next iteration of the God Of War franchise or released a new trailer for The Last Of Us — no, better than that... It's announced the cast of the third season of The Tester.

For those unfamiliar, The Tester is an annual reality show distributed exclusively throughout the PlayStation Network. It puts a group of competitors against each other, tasked with completing a series of bonkers trials in order to win a job at PlayStation. This year's prize includes a Production Associate role at Sony Santa Monica, in addition to a $5,000 signing bonus, a 55” 3D Bravia TV, a PS3 and a Ford Focus Titanium.

The beauty of The Tester is how straight-up dumb it is. Not only has Sony made it a priority to pick the most idiotic participants on a yearly basis — and there's been some crackers over the years — but it also forces the candidates into completing ridiculous tasks in order to land the most inappropriate job possible. To be fair, Will Powers — the winner of the first series of the show — has since proved himself at SCEA, and become a pivotal part of the furnishings at the platform holder. But at first glance, it's hard to believe any of the contestants of Season 3 could possibly hold down a role at one of the biggest developers in the world.

Forget logic though, because this year's line-up looks truly entertaining. Somehow Sony has managed to pull together a group even more inappropriate than year's prior. In addition to token eye-candies "kwajamonster" and "suzkaiden", our current favourite is "egoraptor". We quote: "My quality in social skills are nothing... I'm going to make everyone feel awkward in that house."


Of course if you get bored of all the hollering and general stupidity, host Meredith Molinari's signed up for another season to anchor the show. We'll leave you to figure out why that's such a good thing.

The Tester's baffling because it shouldn't work. It should be content with being terrible and that should be that. But it's like a car crash — cringe-worthy and gross, but hard to look away.

The Tester Season 3 kicks off on February 7th, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.