Hot hot hot

With Vita’s recent release in Japan and the media all abuzz comparing Vita and 3DS sales over the holidays, Resistance: Burning Skies developer Nihilistic thought it’d be a perfect time to unload a fresh bit of its upcoming Vita game, as it’s already looking like it’ll do some serious damage to Vita owners' wallets once it hits the market.

In this new footage, Nihilistic’s Rob Huebner takes us through an intense fight against the Chimera on top of the George Washington Bridge. We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking:

We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Resistance 3 on PlayStation Move and Burning Skies' impressive graphics, touch screen controls and a console-like appearance in a handheld game are but a few highlights of the impending Vita version.

Are you ready to fight the Chimera once again? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section below.