No more curve balls

MLB 11 The Show only uses PlayStation Move in its home run derby mode. While that's serviceable, next year's MLB 12 The Show is going to make much more use of the motion controller, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Community manager Ramone Russell confirmed the next instalment uses Move for everything: batting, fielding, pitching and base running.

Batting’s much better. Last year, you just saw a floating bat, which created a disconnect. This year, you see the full batter on screen and he’ll move his bat around as you move your bat around. Pitching is really simple: you grab the Move, draw it back, and “throw” it like a real baseball. For fielding, you’ll actually catch the ball when you’re playing with Move, then flick it over to throw it to first base, flick it up for second base, or down for home plate. When you’re running bases, you’ll play as the base runner coach. To signal to your runner to advance, you swirl the Move clockwise; to stop him, you hold the Move straight up. We wanted to be creative with the motion control support, so we hope people like it.

That's welcome news in itself, but if you're also planning on picking up a PlayStation Vita — and if you are, make sure you bookmark our sister site VitaGamr — you'll be able to transfer your save data between consoles to keep playing on the go.

Expect MLB in March next year.