It's wet, it's hot and there's guns involved: Move's best game yet?

Hydrophobia Prophecy is about to whet your appetite for water-based puns: it's out on PSN next week.

North America gets it on 1st November with a European release on 2nd November. The best bit is the price: just $7.99 in North America or £5.10 in the UK, the game is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Hydrophobia Prophecy to launch November 1st on PlayStation® Network and PlayStation® Plus
Experience the epic adventure with PlayStation® Move

Dark Energy Digital is delighted to announce the PlayStation 3® launch of its ground-breaking third-person action adventure game Hydrophobia Prophecy on PlayStation® Network and PlayStation® Plus. The title will launch on 1st November 2011 in the US and 2nd November in Europe.

Hydrophobia Prophecy for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system is fully PlayStation® Move enabled, and allows gamers enhanced control of this epic action adventure through the incredible accuracy and accessibility of the Move controller.

The launch will be fully supported with a five week high-profile promotion on PlayStation® Plus where the game is featured as game of the month.

“Hydrophobia Prophecy is a fantastic third person adventure game built around the PlayStation® Move controller", says Sony’s Andy Stewart. “The Move implementation is excellent and will considerably enhance the experience for gamers”.

“The PlayStation® 3 is now by far and away the best looking and best playing version of the game on any platform - it's in a different league compared to the original release, with many game systems reworked from the ground up, compelling new mechanics and a deeper back-story. What's more, the PlayStation Network release will also contain the Darknet feedback system, a first on console, allowing players to engage directly with us the developer ”, commented Dark Energy’s Peter Jones.

“It's been a joy to watch Hydrophobia's evolution into this most complete PlayStation 3 version and the fact that the fans have been the focal point for that growth, rather than profit margins, makes it all the more impressive.“ -

The game will be launched at a price of $7.99 in the US and £5.10 in the UK, and will be free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.