Pointing the way

While many will argue that the PlayStation Move launched with a weak line-up, the number and quality of games available has risen sharply since its launch. An increasing number of game developers have decided to implement Move controls into their games, immersing players like never before.

We've taken a look into the future to pick out just some of the most promising Move games for the future.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Many will argue that the Counter-Strike series is the staple in the multiplayer FPS genre. Valve has continued to demonstrate its support of the current gen of consoles by bringing the latest entry in its popular series over to PS3 and Xbox 360. Not only will the title feature cross-platform play with PC owners, it’ll also contain motion controls for those tired of the old mouse/keyboard or DualShock 3. Can you “Move” your way up the ranks to be on top of the leaderboards?

BioShock: Infinite

The newest addition to the praised BioShock series is set to include full Move support on the PS3. Ken Levine’s team has a high bar set if it wants to top the massively popular original, but given its track record of riveting stories and thrilling gameplay, something tells us we are in for an intense experience.

DUST 514

Quite possibly the first of its kind on the PS3, DUST 514 plans on introducing many MMO qualities into a massively multiplayer shooter. Actions in the game will impact on the world of ever-popular MMO EVE Online. Nothing is staged and everything is real time in this adventure in New Eden. For the first time, your actions using your trusty Move controllers will affect an ever-changing world.

Dungeon Defenders

Ever since Sports Champions, gamers have been dying to play an RPG that lets them swing a sword, cast a spell or smash a hammer. Dungeon Defenders calls to those players by allowing 4 players, either split-screen or online, to team up and battle through its campaign and challenges. You’ll have the ability to choose from four different classes each posing their own special abilities and attributes; not only that, but you’ll be able to do all this with motion controls.

The future for PS Move is extremely exciting with these and many many other titles. Stay tuned here for further information regarding these and the other exciting titles coming your way. How will you “Move” in the future?