The Pressures Associated With Creating A GoldenEye Reboot Must Be Huge.

And as regular readers will know, we couldn't be more excited. Part of our excitement stems from nostalgia; GoldenEye is one of our favourite games of all time. With the original game being so fondly remembered, we can only imagine there must be a curious atmosphere at developer Eurocom. A kind of pressure, if you will.

"We talk about the original N64 game as being like the godfather of first-person shooters," producer James Steer revealed, "You know especially from a multiplayer, split-screen point of view. People loved it.

"There's a pressure, but it's also quite an honour to work on it. We create our own pressure in that way, because we want to do the best thing we can, the best Bond game that we can make, let alone the best GoldenEye game.

"So yes there is a pressure, but it's a good thing I think. Everyone wants to make games that people love and recognise and GoldenEye is hugely popular, so that's great."

We really are ridiculously excited to get our hands on this game. Just over a week to go.