The game has multiple playable characters

When Silent Hill: Book of Memories was first announced, the only thing Konami revealed about the game was its title and that it was not a port. Die-hard Silent Hill fans rejoiced, as they were getting a dedicated new entry in the series built from the ground up. Then they found out it was multiplayer.

Some Silent Hill traditionalists begrudged the move out of a single-player experience. But that was just the beginning. Instead of employing a third-person perspective or over-the shoulder gameplay, Silent Hill Book of Memories opts for an isometric top-down view, much like Sony's Dead Nation.

The new trailer gives us our first taste of gameplay, and while it certainly looks like it could be fun, it doesn't look very scary.

What do you think? Is this a brave new move for the series or an abomination fit to walk the streets of Silent Hill?