Next week the title will debut on the PlayStation Network — but why's the game taken so long to hit Sony's platform?

"Initially, Arnt Jensen, my partner and game director for Playdead, was interested in releasing Limbo as a PC title," Playdead gaffer Dino Patti revealed to Eurogamer.

"During production, however, we decided to bring it to all platforms, which would offer the full experience to the gamers.

"When it came to the actual coordination with the specific platforms holders, Microsoft provided us with an excellent opportunity, which included a lot of support for the title which in the end would mean a better visibility for Limbo.

"That deal also included exclusivity. So that and production/QA are the things which has been keeping us [from releasing Limbo on PS3]."

To make up for the delay, Playdead's promising a "little extra secret" for the PlayStation Network version of Limbo, but is keeping schtum about what that actually contains.

Guess we'll find out when the game releases on the PlayStation Network next week.