Japan's PSN Moves back into action

The Japanese PlayStation Network has been unavailable ever since the initial outage months ago, and while the North America and European territories kicked back into action over a month ago, Japan’s network was still left out in the dark. All that change today as Japans PlayStation Network kicked back into full swing, and it came roaring back with its Welcome Back Program readily available to get gamers back online and playing their PS3’s once again.

While the NA/EU territories Welcome Back packages offered a nice variety of fully featured games to choose from, there wasn’t any Move compatible games offered in either of the packages, but that’s not the case with the JPN Welcome Back Program. Hustler King (a.k.a. Hustle Kings) is available as one of the free game in the package to not only get gamers back playing their PS3’s online, but to get them Movin’ as well.

We’ve already got the Hustle Kings review cued up for you, and if you own a Japanese PSN account that was created prior to the outage, you’ll be able to take part in the JPN Welcome Back Program as well.