Take in the view

The PS Blog continues with the onslaught of NGP updates, this time focusing on the new control schemes at work in the latest handheld version of their billiard franchise Hustle Kings.

While the game still allows you to use the analog stick to fire, you can also touch the screen to grab the cue and drag it back to take your shot. There is also touch integration for setting up shots via a customizable guide line. Of course, more confident players can choose to forgo the guide line completely and go it alone.

The rear touch panel is used to apply chalk to the cue, done by rubbing the back of the handheld. Players can also manipulate their view of the table via tilt, take personal snapshots with the camera and even use the microphone to talk trash during online matches. The game also features the cross-platform online gaming capabilities featured in WipEout 2048, allowing NGP users to play against owners of Hustle Kings on PlayStation 3.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]