Location-based racing

The WipEout series has gone portable before, with the WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse making a home on Sony's last handehled the PSP. The games made great use of the hardware, and where stellar examples of how to translate the fast-paced world of WipEout to a smaller screen.

WipEout 2048 on PS Vita takes that philosophy a step further, maintaining all the intense speed and sharp visuals of it's predecessors (and even its contemporaries) while also utilizing much of the new tech Sony squeezed into the Vita.

In the trailer below, you'll see how the game uses the Vita's gyroscope for steering and its touch screen to trigger things like speed boosts. There is also a demo of how the GPS app Near can allow you to hook up with and challenge nearby players. If you're into augmented reality (who isn't?), you can even use the camera to bring your racer onto the kitchen table!