A supposed leak has hit the Internet allegedly revealing Sony’s plans for its E3 event in June, including a final name for the NGP, a price and an exhibit of seven titles for the NGP.

The leak allegedly comes from Sony France, and while this is still only a rumour, the tipster who divulged the alleged leak does have a successful track-record at this sort of thing, having accurately revealed Sony’s E3 schedule in 2009.

Among the key bits of information revealed is the suggestion that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker may be ported to the NGP, that a Wipeout sequel is coming, and that Sony’s development team Polyphony Digital is back. The leak goes on to claim that among the seven NGP titles to be revealed at E3, most of them are first-party.

While this mostly falls under the Captain Obvious category, those who plan to be early adopters of the system will welcome the promise of more quality first-party titles for the system. So what first party titles do you want for launch? Resistance? Killzone? Uncharted?

[source ngportable.com, via translate.google.com]