Last week we revealed you'll be able to play play Child of Eden with PlayStation Move, and now the game's director Tetsuya Mizuguchi has hinted at stereoscopic 3D support too.

On a trip to the offices of UK site Computer and Video Games, Mizuguchi referred to the possible combination of Move controller and 3D glasses:

It's really immersive to make a 3D experience for the game but we haven't announced it yet. Sony has [support for] 3D glasses and the Move Controller on PS3 but we haven't announced it. On PS3 it will be possible to play with the Move controller, and you can feel the vibration through the controller and play with 3D images for some flying visual effects.

Considering the overall secrecy surrounding the inclusion of Move in Child of Eden, we don't expect to hear anything about 3DTV support for a while yet, but it could be a welcome addition to help tempt users over from Child of Eden on Kinect.