(More's the pity.)

Given that it's a milestone year for SEGA's mascot, video games super-sleuth Superannuation has been digging for dirt. The Internet investigator has pulled up two new domain registrations filed by SEGA for a game (presumably?) called Sonic Generations.

SEGA's confirming nothing, but has said that it will start the celebrations for Sonic's birthday tomorrow. We're assuming the two are linked.

"Sonic's 20th anniversary is this year, but SEGA [will] start celebrating on 7th April and you'll only find out how on the Sonic Facebook page!" wrote SEGA on the Sonic Facebook page.

As Eurogamer points out, Generations suggests some kind of Sonic compilation. We kinda hope not. Look, we love the original Sonic games as much as the next guy — but we'd much prefer something new (and good) to mark Sonic's 20th anniversary. An HD Sonic Colors port would be a damn good start.