Batman: Arkham City Will Run You Eight Hours If You Choose To Critical Path The Campaign.

We've already had solid figures for Homefront and L.A. Noire, and now Batman: Arkham City's developer, Rocksteady, has decided to chime in — slapping an eight hour campaign on the hotly anticipated super-hero adventure.

“Our QA guys can straight-line it – so not doing any of the side missions and just sticking to the core narrative path – in about eight hours,” marketing manager Dax Ginn told Gamerzines.

“If you’re exploring and trying new things, obviously that adds a lot to the experience and the game time. I would say for a normal player who knows their action-adventure games, between 20-24 hours.”

Ginn added: “We don’t want to make these huge games that take a huge chunk out of your life. We want to tell an amazing story that you can really enjoy and not feel like you’ve got to take six months off work in order to get through it.”

Rocksteady gets it too, it seems.