Ubisoft stretching its legs on Move

There's a trio of new Move games on European shelves this week, with Ubisoft bringing a pair of titles and 2K Sports also contributing. Let's take a look at what's available to buy now.

Top Spin 4

The first dedicated tennis game for PlayStation Move, Top Spin 4 boasts some of the sport's biggest names, past and present, as well as a career mode that sees your newly created player rise up the ranks. We're giving this one a thorough playtest at the moment and we'll have a full review up in the near future.

My Fitness Coach: Club

Ubisoft's first title this week is a fitness game, aiming to help you get fit in six core areas. We'll pull on our Lycra leggings and get to work on evaluating how Move's second exercise title stacks up against Get Fit with Mel B.

Dance on Broadway

A conversion of the popular Nintendo Wii original, this offers more tracks, more Broadway shows and, presumably, more razzmatazz. We're surprised there haven't been more dancing games on Move so far, so this one could find a market.

As always we'll be bringing you reviews of these and all games released for PlayStation Move. Will you be buying anything this week?