Quantic Dream Is Back, Baby!
  • Ed] might just be enough to paint our first impression of Quantic Dream's next project. We've known for a while that David Cage and his crew have been working on two new projects, but now we have the briefest sniff of some information.

First up, domain registration. Quantic Dream has registered a couple of new web destinations including playseries.co.uk and fiv5.co.uk. Each of the domains is also registered with a variety of European extensions (.fr, .de, etc). Perhaps most intriguing is the Fiv5 domain, which supperannuation points out may correlate to Quantic Dream's fifth project. It also shares some resemblance to the movie name Se7en, which Heavy Rain was heavily inspired by. Take your pick.

Additional clues point to a LinkedIn job description which references the name "Five" aswell as "Infraworld". Infraworld was Quantic's first project for the current set of consoles that was canned when the team couldn't find a publisher. GAF points out that both Fiv5 and Infraworld may fulfill both projects Quantic Dream are said to be working on.

Adding more fuel to the fire, a trademark registration for the name Fiv5 was filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe last year, suggesting Qunatic Dream are sticking with their exclusivity status on PlayStation 3. We imagine, depending on how far along the project is — we're assuming it's quite far along seeing as Cage stated just a month after Heavy Rain's release that his next project was already written — that we might be hearing something about Quantic Dream's next game at E3. If not then, we imagine it's a lock for Gamescom.

Exciting times. Heavy Rain was inches away from winning our game of the year award in 2010, and Fahrenheit remains one of our most loved PS2 titles. We can't wait to see what Cage cooks up next.