Sexy times.

If you've got Move and want a party with your family, Start the Party, Buzz the Ultimate Music Quiz and TV Superstars pretty much have you covered, but what if you want a party that's a little less clean-cut? Ubisoft is about to have you covered with We Dare, coming to European PlayStation Movers this Friday.

While the game blurb contains much of what you'd expect with a party game – you create a character, take part in minigames and so on – the game's real claim for your attention is its supposedly saucy atmosphere.

Players can choose one of five party themes – enchanting, persuasive, naughty, adventurous or brainy – with the naughty theme letting you "challenge your mates to a racy strip-tease" and engage in a "wide variety of naughty and silly challenges".

The fact sheet makes it sound like Carry On: The Game, with the game carrying a PEGI 12 rating, so expect innocent fun to be top of the bill.

We'll be hosting our own sexy Move party to bring you a review next week.