We Dare

We Dare (PS3)


PlayStation 3


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User Ratings: 5

Our Review: 2/10


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PlayStation 3

  • EU 11th Mar 2011
Controller Support
PlayStation Move

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  • Review We Dare (PlayStation 3)

    We feel dirty now

    We Dare raised more than just eyebrows with its original trailer: the thought of young gamers getting into an array of saucy situations was too much for some, who seized upon the game's PEGI 12+ rating to call it immoral, insulting and downright offensive. Well, they got two right. We Dare's whole reputation as a bawdy party game...

About The Game

We Dare is a sexy, quirky party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges. The more friends you invite to the party, the saucier the game!

Provocative Controls

Use the PS3 Move controller in unbelievable ways, as you’ve never imagined before…wave it around to the beat of your favourite tunes, old and new…put it in your pocket and act-out flirtatious actions...squeeze the controller to you or balance it to navigate precarious challenges...sometimes co-operative hugging helps, and it certainly doesn’t hurt. Enjoy the unique gameplay designed for the use of these motion controllers exclusively for We Dare.

A Customised and Enticing Experience

Create and customise your own cheeky avatar, from top to bottom. Personalise him or her to fit your taste, to match your likeness or to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Are you a Femme Fatale? A Hunk? The Girl next Door?
Create the game to your liking. Choose the length of play and the size of your group... in this game, size does matter...the bigger the group, the better the fun and anything goes!

Get up-close and personal with your friends with the wide variety of naughty and silly challenges. Use your brain...or just pure luck if you have to...to answer pop-trivia questions and ultimately out-perform your playmates while proving you’re flexible, uninhibited and adventurous.

This is an invitation to let yourself go, because life is short and what happens in this game... stays in the game!

And a satisfying finish

The final climax of the game ends in a light hearted, match-making session. Which of your friends is your best match for Love or Friendship? How you play, how you answer questions, how well you perform, and finally, how you chose to create your avatar, will ultimately determine your perfect match.

Key Features

A wide and varied range of 40 fun and flirtatious mini-games:

  • Select the mood of your party
  • Dance along to your favourite tunes
  • Challenge your mates to a racy strip-tease
  • Play with up to 2 on PS3 Move

We Dare presents an hilarious light-hearted atmosphere with clever characters, coy mini-games and internationally popular music hits: such as Sex Bomb (as made popular by Tom Jones), Time of My Life (in the style of Dirty Dancing) and many others!

Now. Are you ready to play?