The Darkness II Will Adopt A Cel-Shaded Look According To Developers Digital Extremes.

The sequel, however, will be cel-shaded. That's according to the game's lead designer, Digital Extremes' Tom Galt, who insisted that the new studio are "carving" their own path for The Darkness II, with a bigger emphasis on action and story.

“What Starbreeze did well, in a nutshell, were characters and story,” said Galt. “It’s one of the only games I played where I actually felt an emotional connection. The Jenny death scene was incredible. I think in The Darkness there’s a lot of exploration and walking through New York City, and we felt like, ‘Well that’s cool,’ but we decided to take our game in a different direction and focus more on the action and the story.”

The Darkness II was announced yesterday. There's more through here.