Take Mel in your pocket

Move fitness title Get Fit with Mel B is one of the better keep fit titles available on PS3, and now its take on getting up and active has been beefed-up with an official application for iOS devices.

The app lets you keep track of your exertions in conjunction with the Get Fit with Mel B website, letting you enter the details of your workout via your iOS device and view them online later on, even printing out charts and graphics to help visualise your fitness progress.

It also contains a series of exclusive recipes to help you eat healthily, with a dietary diary for you to enter your daily calorie intake.

If all this sounds like something you wouldn't want anyone else reading, you can create a profile to keep this information top secret, or access your profile through the official website.

The app is available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 3.0 or later, and will cost you £1.79. If this sounds like a handy addition to your workout regime, be sure to read our Get Fit with Mel B review for a better idea of what the game offers.

[source getfitwithmelb.com]