This should be significantly less cheatable soon

You can't beat a cheap first-person shooter, especially one with Move controls, but not everyone in Modern Combat: Domination is interested in playing fair. Since the game's release in January several gamers have exploited the game, but developer Gameloft is about to roll out a patch that, it hopes, will put an end to these hacks.

The patch, which will launch in the next few weeks, will make some welcome changes to the game as well as beef up the game's anti-hacking protection. Controller sensitivity will be altered and respawning will be tweaked, addressing two of the biggest concerns raised in our Modern Combat: Domination review.

We'll let you know when the patch is available.

Modern Combat: Domination, which released early 2011 has been an instant success with communities and FPS'ers around the world. The developers have been listening to the feedback from the community, and in order to provide Modern Combat: Domination players with the best possible multiplayer FPS experience on PSN, Gameloft will be releasing a patch in the upcoming weeks to address hacking issues amongst others. Details of some of the changes being made have been detailed below:

Anti-Hacking protection
Invisible collision amendments to some maps.
Respawn: prevent face-to-face respawns.
Default time for a game in objective mode set to 3 minutes.
Modification of the range of the knife (distance and angle).
Possibility to change the range of the ping display.
Money accumulates from $2400 instead of $0 in all modes featuring respawn.
Quick fix of 'death on respawn' problems caused by connection issues.
Adjusting of controls sensitivity.