This, now cheaper

You already knew that Tumble is half-price as part of Sony's 11 for 2011 price promotion, but you may not have known that Swords and Soldiers has already had its cost cleft in two, now on the PlayStation Store in North America for just $4.99.

In our Swords & Soldiers review we gave the game a well-deserved 9/10 rating, and if that's not enough to convince you to drop five dollars on a game we don't know what is. With stereoscopic 3D support, PlayStation Move controls and online multiplayer, it's greatly enhanced over the WiiWare original, which is around $10.

Swords & Soldiers is half-price until Tuesday, February 1st. Has this price drop encouraged you to give Ronimo's game a whirl?

Swords & Soldiers Blowout Sale Ending Soon on Playstation Network

Swords & Soldiers, the 2D side-scrolling strategy game that has taken Playstation Network by storm, is currently on sale in the Playstation Store with a discount of 50%. The game is featured in the “11 for 2011” event on Playstation Network, which contains 11 of the highest quality downloadable titles on the network and offers them at huge discounts. This event ends on Tuesday, which means this might be your last chance to get Swords & Soldiers at this amazing price.

Having achieved a Metacritic-ranking of 81%, Swords & Soldiers ranks amongst the very best downloadable titles available in the PlayStation Store, and has been hailed as one of the best console-RTS titles in general.
The “11 for 2011” event is an excellent opportunity for those who have been missing out on the struggles between the Vikings, the Aztecs, and the Chinese Empires, to get in on the action at a 50% discount. With support for Playstation Move, as well as full support for 3D Television sets, Swords & Soldiers features over 30 campaign missions, complemented by challenge and skirmish modes, as well as robust and innovative online multiplayer features.

Even before the “11 for 2011” event started , Swords & Soldiers was hailed as great value-for-money, with many hours of unique gameplay-experiences to be had in the different single and multiplayer gamemodes. At 50% percent off, the deal can be summarized with only a single world: AWESOME!