Only the very stingiest gamers should object to paying $7.99 for Gameloft's upcoming Modern Combat: Domination when it launches in North America on January 18th, but there's good news for frugal fans of first-person shooters as the game will land with a day-one 25% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That means North American members of Sony's premium PlayStation Plus service can snap up the fully-featured online FPS for just $5.99, which is a bit of a steal however you slice it. Support for 16-player deathmatches, a 72-level XP ranking system to unlock equipment and, of course, fully playable with PlayStation Move, Modern Combat: Domination could be a sleeper hit when it hits PlayStation Network.

Of course, our finest military minds will have a full review available shortly after the game's North American release on January 18th.