SOCOM 4's Coming This April. Check Out The Debut Multiplayer Trailer After The Jump.

SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals — which is confusingly sub-titled Special Forces in Europe — will include full support for the PlayStation Move at launch.

Zipper promises a "flood of SOCOM goodness" building up to the game's Spring launch, starting with the game's debut multiplayer trailer after the jump. We were impressed when we played the single-player last year, but we're not sure this trailer is the best showcase of SOCOM 4's premium component. Hands-on previews suggest it is the SOCOM we remember though, with Gamespot reporting there will be "Classic" playlists for those who want to experience the franchise as it was intended — without regenerating health and respawns. It's cool that Zipper's looking to appease both newcomers and veterans, though a quick poke around the message boards suggests the fans still aren't satisfied. Presumably there's a sense of ownership.

Honestly, we're looking forward to seeing more single-player stuff. We'll try the multiplayer when the beta launches. For now, we want to see the campaign.

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