Classic laser-spewing spider action

Top-down action RPGs may be long past their 90s heyday when Diablo and its ilk ruled the roost, but Gameloft is handing the genre a revival potion in the form of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, heading to PlayStation Network in 2011.

You'll be able to team up online with three other hunters to plunder dungeons, rest in villages and do all the things you'd expect hunters to do. You can play the whole game with the DualShock controller, but PlayStation Move support is onboard to lend a more point-and-click feel that'll be familiar to anyone who spent hours raiding the darkest depths of PC top-down RPGs of yesteryear.

Gameloft has told us to expect an early 2011 release for Dungeon Hunters: Alliance, so begin tanning your leather armour and sharpening your Sword +1 in anticipation for the dimly lit dungeons ahead.