Move's a lovely item to hold in your hands for sure, but if you wanted to show your love for the controller on your feet you've been all out of luck – until now.

Sony and Nike have combined to create two limited edition pairs of sneakers to honour the launch of PlayStation Move and the upcoming arrival of Killzone 3. The "Move" Zoom Huarache Trainers are black with a strong blue trim to mimic the controller's branding, with a clear sole as a nod to the silicone sphere that sits atop the controller itself. A close look at the black fabric reveals an intricate pattern based on the PlayStation's 15th anniversary graphics, with the famous swoosh boasting a rather striking iridescent texture.

The Killzone 3 Special Forces Boots aren't quite as comfortable looking, but they feature an imposing Helghast outline with those famous glowing red eyes.

Unfortunately you won't be able to buy these swanky new kicks as they're only meant for promotional use and for giving away to friends and family, but you can cast adoring glances at them over at Sole Collector