Still selling well

Whilst sales of hardware and software are down across the board compared to the same period last year, one area of the industry that is growing is accessories, thanks in no small part to Sony's new motion controller. Move grew the sector in September and it's done so again in October, according to figures posted by the NPD Group.

Year-on-year the accessories sector gained a sizeable 18%, amassing $142 million in a month, whilst the overall year-to-date figures put the sector 6% higher than last year at $1.66 billion.

What's PlayStation Move's role in this? The controller and Navigation emerged as the two best-selling 'speciality' controllers for the month, driving up the average sale price for accessories. Anita Frazier, analyst at NPD Group, believes Move can help to sustain this important area of the gaming industry:

Due to the success of the Move at retail, and the reported success of the Kinect early in its launch at retail, Specialty Controller items should contribute significantly to industry sales during the holiday.

And the best-selling game across the US for October? NBA 2K11 which, of course, supports PlayStation Move. Be sure to read our NBA 2K11 review to see why this outsold everything from Fallout: New Vegas to Medal of Honor.